The Deck Wedge from Knudsen - ideal for wood and composite decking.

Knudsen Kilens Deck Wedge

Same familiar properties as Yellow Wedge - but more discreet with its black color.


Further information

Technical data


  • The Deck Wedge has the same dimensions and well-known properties as the Yellow Wedge, but comes in black to make it less visible under the decking boards.
  • The Deck Wedge has similar teeth as/can combine with the brown wedge.
  • The Deck Wedge is ideal for blocking up wood and composite decking on joists.
  • Combined working heights:
    Brown Wedge; 19–32 mm
    Deck Wedge; 27–40 mm
  • Brochure (pdf 1.20 Mb)
  • Blocking up heights:
    Blocking-up Heights (pdf 1 Mb)
  • Knudsen Kilen - products and usage:
    Knudsen film

Item number

  • 911300030