Combi Top Large Sound Wedge from Knudsen Kilen

Knudsen Kilen Combi Top Large Sound Wedge

High Sound Wedge with a working height that spans between 39-87 mm. It is ideal in building renovation where the possibilities for elevating the floor are limited.


Further information

Technical data


  • Combi Top Large Sound Wedge has similar teeth as/can combine with all the Combi Top wedges.
  • Primary use:
    It is mainly used for blocking up wooden floors where blocking up height is limited.
  • Combined working heights:
    Combi Top Small: 39-61 mm
    Combi Top Medium: 51-72 mm
    Combi Top Large: 53-87 mm
  • Sound Wedges brochure (pdf 1.2 Mb)
  • Blocking-up Heights (pdf 1 Mb)
  • Knudsen film: Knudsen Kilen products and use

Item number

  • 8701217K