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Knudsen Combi System - adjustable pedestals for blocking up wooden floor on joists

About Knudsen Combi

Knudsen film: Knudsen Kilen - products and usage
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Secure, flexible and adjustable pedestals for elevated floors

  • Fast and easy handling
  • Not affected by damp, rot, or dry rot
  • Economical and timesaving
  • No toxic smoke in case of fire
  • Produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2000

The Combi series is made from high quality LDPE (high density polyethylene). Additives are added, which secure lifespan and optimal strength, without deformation.

The Combi series is a classic when it comes to elevating/blocking-up joist floors and wood decking.

The Combi Base along with one of the three Combi tops form the basis of a Combi elevation/blocking-up (32–99 mm). All three combinations of base + top can be heightened with 1-5 Combi Extensions of each 35 mm. These opportunities grant an elevation/blocking-up span of 32-274 mm.

There are two types of soles in the Combi series; One sole to protect a vulnerable foundation like roofing felt and one that grants an effective and documented step sound insulation.