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All Knudsen Kilen products designed for blocking up wood and composite decking on joists

Knudsen Terrace System
Knudsen Terrace System
Knudsen Terrace System

terrace film

Knudsen Terrace System
Information film

Terrace leaflet

Knudsen Terrace System
Leaflet (danish)

installation instruction

Knudsen Terrace System
Installation instruction (danish)


Knudsen Terrace System
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Knudsen Terrace System – simple, easy, and flexible modular terraces

Knudsen Terrace System is used for the modular building of terraces using joists made from timber or a composite material. The Knudsen Terrace System has been uniquely adapted for the Scandinavian climate and is available in a range of flexible working heights from 27-287 mm.

terrace system-working heights
terrace system-sectional view

The system balances out gradient differences on uneven or sloping surfaces

terrace system-uneven surfaces

An easy-to-understand information film can be accessed simply via QR code or the website

terrace system-installation instruction

Installation instructions are included in the pack.

terrace system-packaging

An informative pack containing modules for approx. 10 m2 terrace

Clear environmental and design advantages of the Knudsen Terrace System

  • Load capacity of up to 1,250 kg per m2
  • Can be used on any stable foundations as well as roofing felt
  • Produced from 100% recyclable material
  • Resistant to all types of weather
  • UV-resistant and can handle temperatures from -40°C to +70°C
  • Not affected by moisture, rot or fungus

The Knudsen Terrace System is frost-proof and weather-resistant to handle the Scandinavian climate.

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terrace system-old terrace
terrace system-new terrace

Transform your tired old terrace into the perfect outdoor space

The terrace system can be used on most stable and pressure-resistant surfaces as well as on roofing felt.

The terrace sole stabilises the modular structure on uneven foundations and protects vulnerable surfaces.

terrace system-protect vulnerable surfaces