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Knudsen Shims 1,2,3,4,5 mm in 50 or 100 mm length

About Knudsen Shims

Knudsen film: Knudsen Kilen - products and usage

The Shims are an indispensable part of the assortment for most builders.

  • Fast and easy handling
  • Not affected by damp, rot, or dry rot
  • Economical and timesaving
  • No toxic smoke in case of fire
  • Produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2000

Knudsen Shims are made from high quality PE (polyethylene). Additives are added which secure lifespan and optimal strength, without deformation.

The shims are used in many homes and are a part of the production with many door- and window manufacturers.

Shims are typically used to level and adjust distances regarding various assembly assignments. It could be mounting of kitchens, bathrooms, stairs etc. The different color-coded thicknesses make it easy and fast to carry out the work. The shims are easily cut out with a Stanley knife or similar.