The high variation of the blocking up wedge

Knudsen Kilen Black Wedge

The Black Wedge is the high variation of the blocking up wedges. Because of the increased height, it withstands less pressure than the Yellow Wedge and the Grey Wedge.

Further information

Technical data

  • Measure: 70 x 45 x 150 mm
  • A pair of Black Wedges withstands a pressure of 515-80 kg depending on the overlap of the wedges (35–100%)
  • Note that the weight limit for any combination of wedges is always determined by the wedge with the lowest limit.
  • Forpakning/salgsenheder (pdf 0.37 Mb)


  • The Black Wedge is used primarily for blocking up wooden floors in domestic buildings.
  • The Black Wedge has similar teeth as/can combine with the brown, yellow and the grey wedges.
  • Working heights combined with:
    Brown Wedge; 60 - 80 mm
    Yellow Wedge; 65 - 85 mm
  • Brochure, (pdf 3.30 Mb)
  • Blocking up heights:
    Opklodsningshøjder (pdf 2 Mb)
  • Knudsen Kilen - products and usage:
    Knudsen film

Item Number

  • 9062004032D