Knudsen Combi Sole

Knudsen Kilen Combi Sole

The sole component for the Combi / Combi Max systems from Knudsen Kilen

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Technical data


  • Combi Sole protects a vulnerable surface by distributing pressure on a smooth surface. This is necessary in the case of e.g. blocking-up on membranes or roofing felt.
  • Combi Sole increases the hight with 2 mm.
  • Combi Sole fits both the Combi and Combi Max system.
  • Combi:
    Brochure, (pdf 2.80 Mb)
  • Combi Max:
    Brochure, (pdf 1.90 Mb)
  • Blocking up heights:
  • Combi Max system (Danish):
    Knudsen film
  • Combi Max instruction (Danish):
    Knudsen film
  • Knudsen Kilen - products and use (Danish):
    Knudsen film

Item number

  • 989502120