Combi Max series for blocking up floors and wooden terraces

About Knudsen Combi Max

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Secure and flexible blocking-up

  • Fast and easy handling
  • Not affected by damp, rot, or dry rot
  • Economical and timesaving
  • No toxic smoke in case of fire
  • Produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2000

The Combi Max series is made from brand new high-quality LDPE (high density polyethylene) = 100% quality control. Additives are added, which secure lifespan and optimal strength, without deformation.

Combi Max is the most used system for blocking up elevated floors and wood decking.

The Combi Max Top together with Combi Max Low / High form the basis of Combi Max (50-138 mm).

All combinations of Top and Combi Max Low / High can be heightened by 1-5 Combi Extensions that each raises the elevation with 35 mm. It grants a blocking-up span of 50-313 mm.

There are two types of soles in the Combi Max series; One sole to protect a vulnerable foundation like roofing felt and one that grants an effective and documented step sound insulation.