Knudsen courses - a traning offer for our customers sales personel and advisors


Knudsen Courses

An hour walk through of rules and requirements can secure better counseling, a better result, and prevent future issues.

Make sure you to pass on the right counseling, when it comes to mounting of joist floors.

Who: Timber salesmen and their customers.
Content: Tricks and facts about blocking-up of joist floors. Reduce the risk of building owners choosing an illegal or doubtful solution and prevent problems yourself.
Time: 45 minutes
Price: Free (time + coffee – we bring the Danish pastry..)

According to Danish Trades, more masters experience that private building owners are tempted by solutions that are cheaper here and now, but expensive in the long run, if the work is either illegal, malfunctioning in some way, or the floors must be rebuilt due to wrong methods or materials.

BR15 is legal requirement and is by the 1st of June 2016 the only valid set of rules regarding what is legal to build in Denmark.

Make sure, counseling is given within the requirements of the law regarding sound- and energy insulation, when delivering materials and counseling in connection to new build and renovation workers.

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Call (Jutland) Kenneth Bredahl + 45 2260 2010
Or (Funen/Zealand) Niels Jensen + 45 3066 0077
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