History and description on Knudsen Kilens activities

Knudsen Kilen A/S is leading when it comes to wedges, shims, hanger shims, and other cast plastic elements for the building industry. We are a modern, competitive company with great insight in the building industry, and we manufacture plastic elements in high quality according to the ISO 9001 standard.

Knudsen Kilen A/S is a modern company producing a range of high quality plastic items for the building industry. Knudsen Kilen A/S is producing according to ISO 9001 standards.

Knudsen Kilen A/S working as advicer for architechts and engineers on a number of issues:

  • Step Sound Reduction
  • Pressure Loads
  • Needs assessment etc

Knudsen Kilen A/S was established in 1991 and is 100% owned by the Danish company Knudsen Plast A/S. The origin however situates back to the 1960s, as carpenter foreman Johannes Knudsen thought out the Knudsen Wedge to replace the traditional blocking up materials as peaces of bricks, lumber etc. Since then many different items has been invented and marketed.